Products & Services


Petroleum Geo-Science

Intank Group provides a broad range of consultancy services in the areas of exploration and production geo-science. Our range of services includes:

  • Regional basin studies
  • Stratigraphic studies
  • Prospect evaluation
  • Structural analysis and modeling
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Static modeling
  • Petro physical modeling
  • Mapping and volumetrics
  • Geo statistical analysis

Reservoir Engineering

Our reservoir engineering team is equipped with the necessary skills and equipment required for field management and reserves optimization in new or mature oil, gas or condensate reservoirs. Our range of services include:

Reservoir Engineering - Analytical

  • Material balance applications
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Transient well test analysis
  • PVT studies and correlations
  • EOS modeling/tuning
  • Pressure data analysis

Reservoir Simulation

  • Field development studies
  • Integrated field management
  • Compositional simulation
  • Black-oil simulation
  • Secondary and tertiary recovery processes
  • Fast/efficient streamline based simulation

Well Testing

A Well is usually tested to determine factors like flow capacity, fluid type, initial reservoir pressure, reservoir heterogeneity, possible drive mechanisms, boundaries & compartmentalization, lateral and vertical hydraulic communication, geological structure and overall well condition. Types of Pressure Transient Testing
Various well pressure transient testing techniques are employed based on the stage of field life. Some of the common types include:

  • Standard and Mini Drill Stem Testing (DSTs)
  • Production, Injection and Interference Tests
  • Permanent Down Hole Gauges (PDHGs)
  • Wireline Formations Testers
  • Time Lapse Well Testing

Flow Assurance & Corrosion

Flow Assurance and Corrosion expertise based on a firm understanding the principles of fluid flow, heat transfer, production chemistry, etc. combined with a broad knowledge of field operations is available from Intank Group. Specific Expertise includes the following:

  • Fluid analysis
  • Steady-state and Transient analysis
  • Operating flow regime over field-life
  • Production shutdown/cool down study
  • Pipeline blow down
  • Production start-up
  • Slugging study
  • Chemical injection studies
  • Hydrate and wax management
  • Corrosion studies
  • Pipeline erosion study


African development starts on a local level, and there is a crucial need for funding in local communities to insure a better future. We support local communities with investments in education for youth, and technical & workforce training for adults. Training, development programs, and ongoing support mean that people are given every opportunity to reach their potential. Better social development is essential for the future.


Over the course of our partnerships, we expect the creation of hundreds of jobs along with a wide variety of petroleum infrastructure projects to take place. Significant investments will need to be made throughout Africa. The partnership will continually hire African citizens and work with African owned companies. Outside contractors will only be used if necessary. We aim to put our own people and businesses first, whenever possible.


Intank's vision is to support and grow a modern, diversified, efficient, and financially sustainable “Energy Economy” that will ensure that all African homes and industries have access to an adequate, reliable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable supply of energy. Our role is to lead the effort to meet their needs and to support the accelerated growth and development agenda that has been envisioned for the continent.