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Fuel Storage & Distribution

Supply & Trading

There is an imbalance between supply and demand in African refined products and renewable fuels markets. Oftentimes it is difficult to move product from where it is made to markets where it is needed. Traders at Intank Group utilize their assets, expertise, and multi-modal logistics capabilities to help meet market demands with sufficient supply. This is accomplished through the use of pipeline, rail car, light oil barge and truck assets. In aggregate, Intank Group transports nearly 100 million barrels (4.2 billion gallons) of refined products and renewable fuel each year.

Products Traded

  • Gasoline & Gasoline Components
  • ULSD
  • Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Marine Fuels
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • RINs

Fuel Storage

Everybody recognizes that fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource and sooner or later ‘cheap energy’ in the form of fossil fuels will be a thing of the past. Intank Group believes that we have a central role to play in ensuring that the available resources are utilized in an effective and efficient manner. As such we pride ourselves in our ability to design plant and equipment which ensures the use of petroleum products is performed in a responsible and efficient fashion.

Intank Group has extensive experience in the design of state of the art petroleum storage and distribution systems. Intank Group’s engineers and designers have in-depth understanding of the legislation, codes of practice and standards that govern the design and operation of petroleum and petrochemical processing facilities. As resources are depleted, the cost of fossil fuel energy increases and our clients become increasingly aware of the need to manage inventories and usage effectively. Intank Group has designed and implemented a number of projects incorporating sophisticated inventory management systems which have realized significant benefits for our clients.

Intank Group is also pleased to be part of the drive towards renewable energy resources and the recycling of primary materials. We strive to put to good use our experience in the development and design of waste to energy processes and plants.


African development starts on a local level, and there is a crucial need for funding in local communities to insure a better future. We support local communities with investments in education for youth, and technical & workforce training for adults. Training, development programs, and ongoing support mean that people are given every opportunity to reach their potential. Better social development is essential for the future.


Over the course of our partnerships, we expect the creation of hundreds of jobs along with a wide variety of petroleum infrastructure projects to take place. Significant investments will need to be made throughout Africa. The partnership will continually hire African citizens and work with African owned companies. Outside contractors will only be used if necessary. We aim to put our own people and businesses first, whenever possible.


Intank's vision is to support and grow a modern, diversified, efficient, and financially sustainable “Energy Economy” that will ensure that all African homes and industries have access to an adequate, reliable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable supply of energy. Our role is to lead the effort to meet their needs and to support the accelerated growth and development agenda that has been envisioned for the continent.