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Riserless Intervention Package

Intank Riser Operated Subsea System 7.0625" ID Bore Riserless Package The Intank 7.0 WRP was designed to meet the growing needs of the oil & gas industry and the BSSE requirements for additional safeguards when working over or intervening on a subsea well from a vessel of opportunity. The system design philosophy dictated that the system had to be robust, have minimal environmental impact in the case of an emergency disconnect and be able to effectively cut and seal slickline, and electric line.

The system had to be able to cut and close all valves in under 30 seconds to meet BSSE requirement. The system had to be large enough and have the necessary barriers to be able to intervene on all but the very largest horizontal and vertical bore trees in the GOM or abroad. The system had to be capable of operating at 10,000 psi well pressure. Proprietary emergency disconnect located on the UTA that does not interfere with the integrity of the system allowing for a subsea reconnection without recovering any hardware to the surface. System Designed For:

  • Slickline & electric line operations under pressure
  • Live Well Interventions
  • Plug and abandonment of wells
  • Zone isolations
  • Shifting sleeves
  • Setting & pulling plugs
  • Diagnostics
  • Tree exchanges

Package Specifications

  • Bore ID 7.0625"
  • Test pressure of 15,000 psi
  • Max. Working Pressure: 10,000 psi
  • Piloted hydraulic controls
  • Direct hydraulic piloted controls
  • Subsea Accumulation
  • External circulation disconnect system bore 1.50"
  • 33 line, IWOCS package IWOCS UTA with hydraulic emergency disconnect
  • Pressure control head with subsea grease injection and accumulation
  • BOP subsea accumulation
  • Dual 7" T# BOP for slickline & electric line with wedge locks
  • Pressure control head with dual pack-offs, grease injection, line cutting capabilities
  • Dry Break/Dry Make circulation connectors (zero discharge)
  • Lower guide frame for use on mudline trees. System direct connect to tree running tools
  • ROV override and isolation of key components
  • Two 1 3/4" OD 1 1/2" ID 10,000 psi rated circulation reels with Dry Make/Dry Break connectors
  • IWOCS 33 line umbilical reel to control both the system and tree
  • Hydraulic Power Unit


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