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Technical Software

Intank Group’s Technical Software team provides engineering data solutions to enable our clients manage their engineering processes efficiently and effectively. Our focus is primarily on inspection and integrity data ensuring visibility of defects (subsea and topside). Our team acts as an effective bridge from engineering end-user to IT departments that ensures effective compliant solutions that are intuitive to use and security compliant. Intank Group KnowHow

A versatile platform that can be configured efficiently to manage client engineering data effectively for the end user. KnowHow is built on up-to-date computing architecture that can be easily configured to client engineering methods ensuring the software is working for the client and not vice-versa. Topsides Anomaly Register

Topsides Anomaly Register
The Topsides Anomaly Register imports client’s asset integrity data and presents defects and anomalies in an intuitive format allowing easy understanding of issues and allows integrity engineering and asset managers a clear view of their assets integrity performance. Pipeline Anomaly Register

Pipeline Anomaly Register
The Pipeline Anomaly Register works in similar format to the Topsides Anomaly Register but for pipelines. Use of PAR allows multiple users access to integrity data in order to manage anomalies safely to close out. All data is secure and managed through a secure, auditable process.

Following discussion with the industry Intank Group have developed S.TAR that allows inspection companies to harvest inspection data offshore electronically through a ruggedized mobile device. This can then upload wirelessly to an onshore reporting module allowing onshore integrity engineers real-time access to integrity data in a robust and efficient management module. Industry feedback estimates that the use of S.TAR by OIE’s leads to a 20% performance improvement in harvesting data.


African development starts on a local level, and there is a crucial need for funding in local communities to insure a better future. We support local communities with investments in education for youth, and technical & workforce training for adults. Training, development programs, and ongoing support mean that people are given every opportunity to reach their potential. Better social development is essential for the future.


Over the course of our partnerships, we expect the creation of hundreds of jobs along with a wide variety of petroleum infrastructure projects to take place. Significant investments will need to be made throughout Africa. The partnership will continually hire African citizens and work with African owned companies. Outside contractors will only be used if necessary. We aim to put our own people and businesses first, whenever possible.


Intank's vision is to support and grow a modern, diversified, efficient, and financially sustainable “Energy Economy” that will ensure that all African homes and industries have access to an adequate, reliable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable supply of energy. Our role is to lead the effort to meet their needs and to support the accelerated growth and development agenda that has been envisioned for the continent.