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Liquefaction Systems

Natural gas undergoes a pre-treat process prior to liquefaction. During this stage, various contaminants in the natural gas are removed. Some of the removed products, such as nitrogen and heavier hydrocarbons can sometimes be captured and resold for value. When pre-treat is completed, the natural gas is refrigerated to -162 °C (-260 °F). At these temperatures natural gas becomes a liquid with its volume reduced to 1/600th of its gaseous state volume. The consequent reduction in volume makes it an ideal fuel for transportation and storage. Our liquefaction plants typically utilize either a Single Mixed Refrigerant Cycle (SMRC) or a Pre-Cooled Mixed Refrigerant Cycle (PC-MRC). These are both simplified refrigeration cycles and require lower OPEX due to lower power and maintenance costs relative to a Turbo-expander plant. The key advantage of the SMRC system lies in the cooling process as few of the system components operate at low temperature.

Skid Mounted Systems

Skid-mounted liquefaction systems provide a variety of benefits. First, the "plug and play" design is simple, reduces field installation cost and is economical. Modular skid mounted gas sweetening, dehydration and other treatment units are also available. Modular designs are ideal for use with stranded gas sources not connected to a network. The LNG plant can be applied to coal bed gas, natural gas, oil-associated gas, or biogas and relocated at a future date. Talk with us about our efficient and cost effective methods of construction!

Our Advantages Include:

  • Lower construction costs
  • Single point construction responsibility
  • Quick field installation and commissioning
  • Reduced variable on-site construction costs
  • The workmanship advantages of a “manufacturing environment”
  • Easily moved and re-deployed in the future if desire

Consumer LNG Tank Exchange

Intank Group provides Consumer Liquid Natural Gas Canister Exchange sites. Simple canister swap locations are available in convenient locations for retail customers. Each canister upon exchange pickup is inspected and tested thoroughly for reconditioning. All tanks receive the following treatment:

  • Leak-tested
  • Professionally Inspected
  • Freshly Painted
  • Requalified
  • Obsolete Parts Replaced

Complete LNG Value Chain

Intank Group provides the complete LNG value chain as required to suit the needs of our clients. In addition to hardware, we can provide conceptual design, assist with 'balance of plant' procurement, provide project management, provide commissioning, start-up and operator training, and more. Our goal and our philosophy is to enjoy an open, cooperative, attentive and friendly relationship with our clients.

Intank Group provides products, controls and emergency safety systems in conformance with NFPA59, EN, ATEX, NEC, local codes as applicable including:

  • Hardware
  • System Design
  • Project Management
  • Operator Training
  • Operational Contract
  • Service Contracts
  • Financing

L-CNG Stations

The LCNG concept conjoins the application and usage benefits of both LNG and CNG. LCNG stations allow refueling of either vehicle. The integrated system has zero emissions; fuel is storage in the liquid state with CNG "created" locally on the skid. The systems can be designed and configured to meet the demands of the end user.


African development starts on a local level, and there is a crucial need for funding in local communities to insure a better future. We support local communities with investments in education for youth, and technical & workforce training for adults. Training, development programs, and ongoing support mean that people are given every opportunity to reach their potential. Better social development is essential for the future.


Over the course of our partnerships, we expect the creation of hundreds of jobs along with a wide variety of petroleum infrastructure projects to take place. Significant investments will need to be made throughout Africa. The partnership will continually hire African citizens and work with African owned companies. Outside contractors will only be used if necessary. We aim to put our own people and businesses first, whenever possible.


Intank's vision is to support and grow a modern, diversified, efficient, and financially sustainable “Energy Economy” that will ensure that all African homes and industries have access to an adequate, reliable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable supply of energy. Our role is to lead the effort to meet their needs and to support the accelerated growth and development agenda that has been envisioned for the continent.